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Postnatal 0-6 Weeks Programme

C-Section Scar Mobilisation Techniques

C-Section mobilisation techniques.
Including breath work, stretches and direct massage work.

Postnatal 0 - 6 Weeks Program

Postnatal 0-6 Weeks Program

This Programme has been designed to help you negotiate the physical (and mental) demands that pregnancy and birth has placed on your body.

This programme has been broken down into manageable 15minute segments focusing on Key areas of recovery

🌸 Mobility 
🌸 Pelvic Floor
🌸 Breathing
🌸 Low Level Core Work
🌸 Resistance Band core exercise
🌸 Functional Exercises

The aim of this programme is to help facilitate your recovery , help you connect with your postpartum body and most importantly provide you with some much needed "ME" time within this "foggy" 6 week period.