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4-Session Package: Marketing Coaching (Save 5%)

This bucket of four 55-minute calls is perfect for clients seeking structured coaching and guidance for marketing.

Perfect for: Accountability and implementing new tactics over weeks or months.

Why buy a package: Save 5% and build in accountability and momentum beyond a single call.

How often we'll meet:
Schedule at your own pace. (Most clients like to meet twice a month but it could be monthly or quarterly.)


1) Maintain momentum: While a single call may result in great ideas, having a plan and schedule of check-ins increases the likelihood you'll implement and succeed.

2) Course correct and iterate: Get feedback on your progress, task by task. Re-evaluate as you see results.

3) Add structure: Just like with a fitness regimen, accountability and a schedule helps people stick to new plans, habits, or goals.

4) Discount: Save 5% with this package (price reflects $51 savings off the regular $250/hour rate).

What clients like you say: https://emilybinder.com/call

I look forward to collaborating with you!