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Ghidrah's Mystic She: Goddess In Me

per month for 2 months ($176.00 total)
What would happen if you really did it? You took control and poured out your full potential? Glass ceilings are shattering everywhere as we welcome the goddesses back to their thrones (heeeeey new SheVP!). Pulling from the winds of change and the shift towards feminine leadership, this is a group that helps us be exactly that, a bunch of MOTHER FUCKING QUEEN-BOSS-BITCH-GODDESSES! We will take what is ours to take and shake our asses to make the earth quake. In this group we are going to invoke the goddess into our every cell, worship ourselves as the goddess, and see what waves we make. There will be self-love discussed and occasionally the old demons of self-hate, there will be lots of water 💦 ...tears, healing baths, and daily recommendations for water intake. There will be healing foods, diet discussions and recipe sharing. There will be movement, exercise, warrioress training, and yoga. We have to be fit and feeling fab if we are going to thunderously make our transformation known. We will check in daily with the group and gather once weekly via ZOOM to ritual and discuss. Welcome to the goddess times. This group is a monthly membership which will charge at the time of subscription and renew each month. We are going to test drive it for 8 weeks (Lakshmi’s # 🙌🏻) and see where we land. First zoom meeting will be 2/4 at 6PM, and you will receive the link once payment is made. $88 monthly for two consecutive months. All blessings be and may we each discover the GODDESS IN ME (and er' you too!) So it is.


Gift of Healing

Give somebody the gift of healing today. This is for a healing appointment with Tara.


Monthly Yoga

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