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Multi-Visit Ultrasound Packages & Subscription Services

Two Visit Bundle


First visit - Premium 2D Scan Package (gender determination if desired)

Second Visit - Premium 4D/HD Scan + Package

The Entire Journey Ultrasound Subscription

$15.00 initial setup plus $89.00 per month for 6 months ($549.00 total)
Our ultrasound subscription service is set up so that you and your loved ones are able to come see your baby over the course of your pregnancy whenever you'd like at a very discounted price! Our subscription service consists of 7 total visits and is great for expecting parents to bond with their babies and witness every stage of development!

What it consists of :
- Six total payments of $89 billed monthly
- (1) First Peek Scan
- (3) Quick Peek Scans
- (1) 2D/4D/HD Scan
- (2) 4D/HD+ Scans
- Heartbeat Animal of your choice
- 10% off Hello Baby! Boutique items during the length of your subscription
- Want to see your baby even more frequently? Add on additional scans at a 25% discount!

Savings of $143 over the course of your pregnancy!

Suggested schedule of visits -
(#1) First Peek - before 15 weeks
(#2) 2D Scan - 15 to 19 weeks
(#3) Quick Peek - 19 to 24 weeks
(#4) Quick Peek - 24 to 28 weeks
(#5) 4D/HD+ Scan - 28 to 32 weeks
(#6) 4D/HD+ Scan - 32 to 35 weeks
(#7) Quick Peek - 35+ weeks

Terms & Conditions :
- Visits must be spaced out by at least 3 weeks
- Monthly payment must be completed before scheduling the next appointment time
- Early cancellation fees of 50% of remaining balance may apply if cancelled before the 6th payment is completed.
- Refunds will not be given for unused scans

Hello Baby is not required to refund any amount of the subscription service if left unused and client agrees to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining balance if the 6 month payment plan has not been completed (some exceptions may apply). Each appointment time must be spaced out by at least 3 weeks unless otherwise approved by Hello Baby. Client agrees to pay a late fee of $15 if credit card is declined when the service renewal is due and will not be allowed to schedule appointment times until the payment has been processed. Cancellation and payment fees/policies still apply to subscription services.

By proceeding with signing up for the subscription service, you hereby agree to the terms listed above.