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Dark Spaces - Subscription

Done By You Monthly Subscription

per month
Done by you is where we provide all the equipment you need, just bring your phone. You record your own videos in our space and you’ve got it on your phone to use later. In a one hour slot, if you have your scripts ready and rehearsed, yo could get between three to five videos done within the hour. That’s potentially a months worth of content!

Done With You Monthy Subscription

per month
Done with you is when the same as ‘done by you’ but with an added twist. You can choose to bolt on either a one hour video coaching session to make you look like a star on camera or have one of our editors edit your videos and some cool logo animations, your name popping up and a call to action animation to your videos.

Done For You Monthly Subscription

per month
Done for you is exactly that, we take care of everything. You come in with your scripts, we record the video for you using our gear, we coach and direct you through the process and deliver a final edited video for your to use. This package includes two hours of recording time per month and two hours of editing time and of course, the studio.