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Personal- Monthly

Personal- Monthly

$45.00 initial setup plus $45.00 per month for 12 months ($585.00 total)
The Personal monthly membership plan offers you the ease of paying over time. This plan offers the personalized approach you love, because you thrive with consistency in your schedule and dedicate time for health, wellness and improving your personal practice. You value the benefits of one-to-one coaching
and you appreciate when someone takes care of the details for you.

Your customized plan will offer classes and practices for you to enjoy up to five hours for your PeaceFull LIVING journey each week.

As a Personal Member, you will receive:
- PeaceFull Living TV Orientation
- 4 Customized Plans: receive your first plan to begin your journey; refresh your goals with a new plan every three months
- 10 private virtual sessions to schedule at your convenience
- 20% off additional private sessions if you choose to have a little more coaching