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Online Fitness Programs

Online Fitness Program (6 weeks)

Online workout programs are effective, affordable, time-saving, and convenient! They are perfect for stay at home parents, those who travel for work, and those who work from home. Many people have great intentions of working out on their own, but lack the accountability, motivation, and knowledge of designing an effective goal-based fitness program. I will design you an individually customized program based on your fitness goals and current fitness level, while taking into consideration any mobility issues, injuries, workout location, and available equipment. You will receive access to a fitness app which helps us track your progress, guide you through the workouts I design for you, (complete w how to video demos) and provides accountability. I will be available for questions you may have, will provide guidance to keep you on track, and encouraging you every step of the way.

When your 6 weeks are completed, you may continue your online training program on a week to week basis via a subscription plan or simply purchase another 6 week program.

** Please note- your program will end 6 weeks from the date of purchase.