Butterfly Effect Aerial Yoga


Double Time

per month
Join us up to 2 times per week for any combination of classes that fits your style. Thats just $15/aerial class!

*Excludes Bootcamp classes, specialty classes, workshops and Belly Dancing.

FLY Bootcamp Membership

per month
FLY stands for FIrst Love Yourself and with this membership you get 2 dedicated classes each week to help you achieve your fitness goals along with the ability to come to an additional any 2 classes on our schedule (except special events, workshops and special classes). Every 8 weeks we have a fitness assessment for you to see how far you have come and realign your goals with where you are at. We want you to reach your fitness goals and you get a personalized plan with this membership at just $14/class!

*You MUST attend an Intro to Aerial Class prior to starting your bootcamp.

Quadruple Time

per month
Yep... it's official. You're pretty addicted to our awesomesauce and are loving your new fitness journey. This membership allows you to attend up to 4 classes per week. Any combination of your choice... well almost. All classes except our FLY Bootcamp, Belly Dancing and special events/workshops. This is just $13.50/class!