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2022 Monadnock Sustainable Yard Workshops


Feeling disconnected? Worried about environmental issues? Or simply feeling overwhelmed by your home landscape?

You want a better landscape. We need a healthier world. I can show you what actions accomplish both!

I bet you already knew that two hours a week outside has been proven to improve your health. So come find out how to make that time fun. Discover how to attract more bees and butterflies to your property that will nourish and sustain more songbirds. See for yourself the variety of daily actions you can take to at home to enjoy less drudgery while harvesting rainwater, or creating a home landscape with abundant blooms, colors, textures, sights and smells throughout the entire year. Or would you simply like to manage less lawn, use less chemicals outside, have healthier soil? That's great too. Every bit of reduced impact improves the health of our families and our community.

Join us at for just one or all of the 2022 Monadnock Sustainable Yard workshops! Learn the details of various sustainable landscape practices with one, online presentation and four, hands-on workshops at the Healthy Home Habitats house in Keene NH.

10am, Saturday, April 16: “More Pleasure/Less Pain in Your Sustainable Yard”, 10am, Saturday, May 21: “Easy & Fun Home Harvests w/ Vining Vegetables”,
10am, Saturday, June 11: “Super-Charging your Yard’s Soil”,
10am, Saturday, July 16: “Creating Your Own Pollinator Patch” and
10am, Saturday, August 20: “Catching the Rain - Options for your Yard” will happen monthly.

Change what you control. Join the national movement to improve the ecological health of your part of the over 45 million acres that Americans privately own and manage.

Join Healthy Home Habitats to find the fun in experimenting, discussing and making healthier choices for ourselves, our families, our communities and our world!

Healthy Home Habitats Gift Certificate

Do you have a friend or loved one that is tired of their sad home landscape?

Healthy Home Habitats offers happier, healthier, more beautiful & delightful home landscapes. I work with clients to design more vibrant, enjoyable, and ecologically diverse gardens and landscapes that are easier to manage and healthier for our families, our soil, and our communities.

This gift certificate will enable your friend or loved one to enjoy a "Come Talk with Me about What's Possible", hour-long consultation at their home or by Zoom.

Looking forward to meeting you and/or your friend's landscape soon!

Michele Chalice

Co-Gardening Adventures!

'Your Best Landscape Ever!' A Season of Eight, Monthly, Co-Gardening Sessions

Have a monthly gardening date with a trusted professional at your home from April thru November! Get your questions answered. "Where is my best spot for a raised bed?" "Is this a weed?" You'll have your own, environmentally friendly, experienced, landscape professional on-hand for a monthly two-hour session, for questions and assistance with planting or transplanting plants, discussing options, help with trimming shrubs, watering, and tending your home's landscape. Schedule the dates and times with the flexibility to change them if needed.

Appointments can be rescheduled within 24-hour's notice. Travel time exceeding 30 minutes from Keene will incur an additional hour of service charge per hour as needed.