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Phoenix Healing 7

per month for 2 months ($900.00 total)
Phoenix 7 is offered to select clients who are not quite aligned to Phoenix Rising, the 6 month 1:1 Coaching program but definitely will benefit from more than 1 single session as they work on a particular issue.

This program is offered with much love and care.
Clients will receive 7 Sessions focused on the release and healing of a selected issue agreed upon by client and coach after the REVELATION call.

Clients will receive seven (7) 90-min sessions that will include:
-mindset/inner power shifting and coaching
-EFT Tapping sequences to practice, tweak, and own for their inner power and continued healing through the nervous system, subconscious, and energy body
-Reiki Energy Clearing and Balancing to assist in a more thorough approach of energetic healing
-Daily Voxer Access to me for anything that unfolds, comes up, or threatens your healing process.

You will be fully supported as you step into another level of your best self.
Can't wait to get you started!


Resurrection: Unearthing Your Inner Goddess (Pay In Full)

Master the 3Rs of the Phoenix process & activate and leverage my signature program: 7-Cs of Inner Power and Manifesting.

Use the 3R of the Phoenix system to release
Uncertainty of purpose
Success over Self attitude
Achievement over Peace Behavior
Doing over Being Posture

-Better sleep
-Clear, elevated energy in your home
-Deeper self love
-Stronger sense of self-identity
-Deeper connection to your feminine energy and methods to live and activate them

So that you can be a deeper and higher version of your Self.

RESURRECTION: Unearthing Your Inner Goddess (Payment Plan 1)

$400.00 initial setup plus $100.00 per week for 6 weeks ($1,000.00 total)
Master the 3 step process of activating and leveraging my signature program:
7-Cs of Inner Power and Manifesting.

Use the 3 Step system to release
Fears/ self-judgment
Uncertainty of purpose
Self-doubt & questioning
Stagnation & incompletion

So that you can love yourself, know yourself, trust yourself, be yourself and believe yourself on YOUR MOST POWERFUL LEVEL!