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Sweetheart Massage

Pamper your sweetheart with a luxurious treatment from The Studio. Includes therapeutic massage with hot pohaku stones, and deluxe head and scalp massage. This healing treatment combines relaxation with hydration, immersing your loved one in a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, and aromatherapy essences, leaving them feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Luxury Hawaiian Massage

The Luxury Hawaiian Massage includes lomilomi massage, hot pohaku stone, hand & foot Hawaiian sea salt scrub and wrap, and deluxe head and scalp treatment.

Let us transport you to Hawaiʻi. This healing treatment blends rhythmic lomilomi and pohaku (hot stone) massage to induce deep relaxation and release tension. An infusion of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and island essences are melted into the skin leaving it soft and nourished. A purifying Hawaiian sea salt hand & foot scrub and hydrating coconut scalp massage top off this serene experience.

Ashiatsu Massage

“The deepest, most luxurious massage you will ever have”

Experience the ultimate deep and relaxing massage with a 90 minute Ashiatsu massage. In Japanese, "ashi" translates to "foot" and "atsu" translates to "pressure." Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique where the therapist uses gravity, their feet, and bodyweight to deliver deep, broad, long gliding, luxurious strokes.

Yoga + Massage Therapy - 3.5 Hours

The Studio’s signature service and the ultimate personal care experience. Including a personalized consultation, massage, and private yoga instruction to suit your specific needs.

This 3.5 hour session includes a private consultation, a 90 minute massage, and 90 minutes of private yoga instruction.

Deep Tissue Massage - 90 minutes

Let go of every last bit of tightness in your body as powerful, specialized massage techniques target areas of deep-seated tension to effectively loosen tight muscles and restore lightness to your limbs.

Private Yoga Instruction

90 minutes of private one-on-one yoga instruction, tailored to your individual needs and experience level.

Reiki Session

Reiki encourages physical, mental, and spiritual healing. During a reiki session, a practitioner gently places their hands on or above your body to balance its flow of energy. Reiki is done lying down, fully clothed, and can be done with or without physical touch.