Cassandra Fox-Percival - RTT Hypnotherapy

Session Packages



There are many benefits for using Hypnotherapy. Helps people break bad habits and destructive behaviors; Enables people to achieve extraordinary success in business, sports and the performing arts; Allows people to overcome fears, phobias and health issues.

Book 3 sessions and SAVE $$$

Use for the same issue or different issues.


Want you're sweating to stop. Tried everything and nothing else works. Hypnosis can give you answers from the subconscious that can stop it forever. Let you be dry, free, normal again. There is hope.

1 x 30 min Intake
3 x 90 min hypnosis session.
3 x 15 min recordings made just for you
30 days accountability partner

Quit Smoking - 3-Session Package

Stop Smoking -Roughly 60% of my clients come because they want to quit smoking. Optimal results are evidenced after 3 sessions, combined with integrative coaching.

With this package you'll receive:
- 1 x Intake meeting about smoking habits 60 min
- 2 x 120 min Hypnosis Session
- 2 x 30 minute Integration Coaching
- 30 Day Accountability
480 min total

Transform your Life: 3-Session Package

Ready to transform your Life? Feeling stuck? Need a complete life reboot? From money, to relationships, to mental well-being, this is the package for you.

With this 3-month package you'll receive:
- 3 x 120 min Hypnosis Session
-6 x 20-min Integration Coaching
- 3 x Personalized Recording to help you Integrate change
480 minutes Total

Weight-Loss: 2-Session Package

2 x 90 min Hypnotherapy Session
6 x 20 min Weekly Coaching Follow-Up
2 x 15min Audio Recording
6 weeks - Personal Accountability partner

Delve into the subconscious to discover why you have trouble shedding weight and keeping it off, and to help you choose the right foods to give you a healthy and beautiful body.