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55 min Communication & Equestrian Growth Reading

For Horse & Rider - one horse per session

Remote, via phone - 2 parts.
The first half hour is dedicated to speaking with your horse
The second half hour is a psychic reading on: your growth as an equestrian, what you're creating, blocks and next steps

International calls will be made via WhatsApp or Zoom

Horse comm: ~ 3-5 topics/questions
Intuitive reading: ~ 1-2 topics/questions

30 min Horse Communication

Give the gift of a Horse Communication Session.

These sessions are heart based and offer a deeper connection between horse and rider, a chance for the rider to tell their horse anything they'd like and an opportunity for the horse to express themselves fully.

Riders report improved wellbeing, connection and satisfaction with their rides and in their partnership with their horse.

The 30 min session includes:
- messages from the horse to their rider/ person
- a body scan for where the horse needs physical support
- 3-5 messages & questions from the rider to their horse

55 min Intuitive Session (for people)

Remote, via zoom

Intuitive sessions offer an in-depth look at the energy you're currently in and affected by. Discover what you're creating, potential blocks and next steps. Clear out old, unhelpful, stagnant & stuck energies that no longer align to further your growth.

~ 1-2 topics/questions + clearing