Program Packages

Program I - 5 Sessions for Pain & Overwhelm Relief

Body Pain
Session 1: Alignment assessment and customized corrective exercises 
Session 2: Nutrition assessment and customized diet and supplementation 
Session 3: Breathing assessment and customized breathing exercises 
Session 4: Strength assessment and customized strength exercises
Session 5: Flexibility assessment and customized flexibility exercises

Program II - 5 Sessions for Overwhelm Relief

Mind Pain
Session 1: Window of tolerance assessment and customized anchors of wellbeing to increase range of mind flexibility and ease. 
Session 2: Developing skills in pain management in deepening rapport with the unconscious mind. 
Session 3: Developing presence to what is through breath and attention.
Session 4: Self-hypnotic journey to relieve pain
Session 5: Body talk a unique self-dialogue of your felt sense and your body