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45-minute session

A 45-minute session of your choice!

60-minute post-partum massage


60-minute prenatal massage


60-minute reiki session


75-minute session

A 75-minute session of your choice!

90-minute massage

A 90-minute session of your choice!

Cathy Mckinney


Group Breathwork Class


Private Reiki Training (Levels 1, 2 or 3)

Intimate, informative + inspiring!

Thank you for being inspired to study with me!

When Reiki is calling you, I appreciate that it’s an extra special time in your life.
It is one of my greatest joys and honors to guide and support you, to share this amazing practice for healing self and others.

Each level of Reiki training consists of two 4 hour in-person sessions. These can be scheduled on back to back days, or spaced several weeks apart. You will do some reading and writing on your own at home (2 - 4 hours), so that our in class time allows us to deep dive into experiential learning.

This gift certificate pays for the full training.