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Monthly Membership Power Yin Yoga & Spirit Messages with Amy & Carina

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A membership you will want to actually use! Instructors & Guides Amy & Carina bring you a unique opportunity to experience what yoga can do for your mind body and soul. A safe space to laugh, cry and expand... a place where all body types and levels are welcome. At the beginning of each class we open with sacred sound bowls and end with Psychic Mediumship Messages for class members. (not everyone is guaranteed a reading at each class.) Class offered by The Humbled Soul University Membership continues monthly unless the person contacts The Humbled Soul to cancel. Cancellation must completed prior to next month billing cycle. This is a non-refundable. class. ONCE PAID HERE THERE IS NO NEED TO REDEEM A CODE (YOU ARE OFFICIALLY SIGNED UP)--PLEASE IGNORE CODE THAT IS SENT AUTOMATICALLY VIA EMAIL. THERE WILL BE A ZOOM LINK EMAILED TO YOU THE DAY OF EACH CLASS.

Every Sunday  5p PST  7p CST  8p EST 
Every Tuesday  10a PST  12p CST  1p EST             
Every Thursday  10a PST  12p CST  1p EST

MEET THE YOGA PRACTITIONER! (see Amy's Bio on site homepage)

"I am Carina aka Serpentvisionary Oracle - Empowering Guidance for the Mind Body Spirit Heart Soul

* Medicine Woman
* Oracle and Power Yin Practitioner
* Neurolinguistic Coach
* Strength Trainer

This magical combo of modalities and gifts allows me to bring more clarity, direction and reassurance to you as life comes at us in so many unpredictable ways. .time to whip out the big spiritual guns.

Natural born card reader, been flipping the cards since my teens. Learned on my own, no books, classes or personal teacher. Began with tarot then fell in love with oracle decks and using objects. Clairvoyant channeling medium sums it up as the main magic that shows up at the reading table.

The Medicine Woman I am started early as well. Born vibing with plant intelligence,  herbs, psychoactives, potions, always captured my interest. Been drinking the Sacrament of Ayahuasca for the past 23yrs. This medicine has broken me open like no other. All I do, practice, teach and live strengthens with every ceremony. Working with this brew continues to blow me away everytime Im in her powerful arms.

One of the most beautiful gifts medicine brought to my life is the art of yoga. Im 500+hr Yoga Certified since 2006 with apprenticeship in the Yin style. Along with a 25 +yr background in Neurolinguistics, Touch For Health Kinesiology, Physiology, and Metaphysics makes for a knowledgeable well rounded practice.
I developed my current style of yoga during the process of rehabilitating myself after a pretty nasty car crash, brain trauma, severe whiplash, other body parts affected, the lower back..ouch. Gym became my 2nd home. When I wasn't getting what I craved from classes I began teaching what I wanted in that gym classroom. From beastmode to peacemode, literally. As I also returned to the bars and plates becoming one hell of a strength coach..Ladies you're stronger than you physically think, no kidding.

What you can expect with power yin yoga? Youll gain improvement with form and posture, build your strength, obtain more openness with range of motion and definitely an increase in flexibility with whatever level you are. As long as you put the work in. Never any force or strain..be OMazed at how the body adapts and welcomes the aliveness.

The list of all I've learned and undertaken is huge..and this is where my passion is today. Let's Get It!" - Carina