Marta on the Move

Coaching Packages

Marta on the Move Mentorship

per month for 3 months ($6,885.00 total)
Traveling- the action or activity of going from one place to another, typically over a distance of some length.

Travel doesn't have to mean physically leaving your space. We can also travel within and discover the wealth that is hidden there in the stillness.

If you don't know where you are headed, how will you ever get there? The first step on any adventure is to define where to point your compass.

This is for you if...

~ You have loss in your life. Whether it be someone, something, or an intangible loss such as self, childhood, trust, or safety.

~You have felt stuck or frozen in transition and looking for a fresh perspective?

~You have been craving someone in your corner to help cheer you on.

~ You have so many brain windows open you find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis.

~ You are ready to go on a treasure hunt healing of the soul and unlock your inner child magic and joy.

Come on a three month journey with Marta to unlock your core values, strengthen belief in yourself, heal the pain of your loss, gain clarity, and excavate your internal wisdom.

~ $2,295 per month (3 month minimum commitment)

Inclusions ~

✨ Three live 60 minute zoom 1:1 coaching sessions. ($1,250 value)

✨ Free access to live Monday evening Stress Relief Class Online and recorded sessions. ($250 value)

✨ 3 to be Me Journey three week course of rediscovery ($1,395 value)

✨ Grief Recovery Method Group or 1:1 Program ($1,995 value)

✨ Gratitude is the Attitude and Vision Board online movement and meditation workshop ($350 value)

This is a significant investment for a person ready for change.
I can't wait to work on your goals and dreams!

Marta Napoleone Mazzoni is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Intuitive Life Coach, and Yoga and Meditation Guide. She helps people rediscover themselves after loss and walks with them in their grief.

* Marta requires a 30 minute connection call before booking to see if we are a good fit.