Marta on the Move

Meditation Packages

Intro to Meditation

Introduction to Meditation ~ Price includes 4 - 30 minute sessions and is hosted on zoom.

Not sure if you are into meditation or just curious to learn more?

Through these sessions we will answer your questions regarding a practice and find the right fit for you and I will walk you through guided meditations that are easy to follow along.

Some questions we will answer together-

"What is meditation, and is it right for me?"

"What benefits will I see with a regular practice?"

"How do I begin my practice?"

“What different types of meditation are out there and which one would work for me?”

“I am super busy, can I form a practice being on the go?”

You will walk away with the knowledge and confidence to continue your practice long after our sessions together.

The Bridge- Connecting Your Breath

Whether you are looking to learn how to meditate or want to revisit different types of meditation, this package is for you.

Our breath is the bridge between connecting our mind and body. Join Marta Mazzoni as she guides you towards forging your own meditation practice that you can come back to time and again.

Includes four 35 minute one-on-one online sessions.

~ Slow down
~ Reduce negative emotions
~ Increase clarity and peace
~ Increase creativity
~ Be more present
~ Connect and align with your inner self.
~ Gain a sense of peace you can take anywhere.
~ Reduce anxiety
~ Expand your breath
~ Find loving joy in your breath

Each session will include journaling, meditation techniques, and breath work.

It is suggested if you haven't meditated to start with my Introduction to Meditation Package.