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1-1 YOGA

Chaos into Calm: 6 week stress-relief program

What you’ll gain from this program:
Nervous System Mastery: Understand your nervous system and identify whether you’re in a sympathetic nervous system response and how to navigate through it.
Bespoke Body-Based Movement: Engage in a personalised movement practice tailored to alleviate anxious feelings and promote overall well-being.
Personalised Breathwork Protocol: Receive a custom-designed breathwork protocol to seamlessly integrate into your daily life, offering tools to navigate through stressful situations with grace and composure.
Mindset Tools for Life: Learn effective mindset tools that can be applied in moments of stress and overwhelm – empowering you to shift your perspective and approach challenges with clarity and confidence.

1-1 Yoga/Private class - 3 session pass

Three sessions of yoga (1-1 or private group) tailored to your needs.

1-1 Yoga/Private class - 6 session pass

Six x 60 minute sessions of bespoke yoga, breathwork and or meditation.

1-1 Yoga/Private class - 8 session pass

Best value package.

1-1 Yoga - First session pass

This single pass is great if you're new to 1-1 and would like an initial session to see if these sessions are a good fit before booking a full package.