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Aura Clearing

Give the Gift of Reiki.

The presence of negative psychic energy can be detrimental to ones health and well being. In an Aura Clearing, the practitioner will assist you in grounding out psychic debris, releasing blocks, cutting cords and getting your energy flowing with Reiki. This process can aid in the resolution of emotional difficulties, relationship issues, spiritual issues, addictions, and spiritual health issues.

Aura Clearing is between 45 - 60 minutes in length

Raindrop Therapy Technique

Raindrop Technique is a powerful, non-invasive procedure which is performed by sequentially anointing the feet, back, and spine with oils while energy is transmitted through the hands of a practitioner which brings structural and electrical alignment to the body in a relaxing and invigorating manner through applying the power of essential oils.

A typical Raindrop session takes about one hour to perform during which seven single essential oils, two oil blends and two massage oils are applied to the skin. Following the application of the oils, a warm damp towel (layered between two dry towels) is placed on the clients back to allow the oils to deeply penetrate the skin for 5-10 minutes as they rest.

Sessions are infused with Reiki

Raindrop Technique is about 60+ minutes in length

Reiki Session - Full Hour

Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique which is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Experience this ancient Japanese art in a comfortable home environment.